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Separate and Community Property Division During Divorce

When a marriage ends, the last thing you want to do is divide your property up with your ex-spouse. The process can be even more tedious if you and the other party both had considerable property prior to marriage and have acquired more assets since. Our San Diego family law firm specializes in complex property issues and will work quickly to resolve your property situation so your case can move forward as quickly as possible. If you have a large number of assets then it is important you claim them accurately. Do not attempt to handle this process alone; doing so can have ramifications on your future. Contact our office today at (858) 458-9500 and schedule a free consultation.

Distinguishing Separate Property From Marital Property

Property division can quickly become complicated in a San Diego contested divorce. Marital property is equally divided and individual parties are able to retain all separate property. Many items are often split such as the marital home or the family vehicle. There are often occasions, however, in which the line becomes blurry. Some examples of property division disputes, arising in divorces, include:

  • Property that is acquired during the marriage that is a gift, bequest or inheritance made by a third person for the exclusive benefit of you or your spouse, but is comingled with marital assets.
  • When one spouse improves, pays for upgrades, or remodels separate property that belonged to another spouse.
  • When one spouse possessed money, a savings account, or other financial accounts prior to marriage, but comingled the finances with marital assets.
  • When one spouse is the primary owner and operator of a business that was started during the marriage.

If there is not a clear line between separate and marital property then it may be necessary to hire forensic accounts to analyze the financial records. Thomas Huguenor and our San Diego family law firm maintain professional relationships with a number of trustworthy consultants. Our office will immediately determine whether or not your assets require specialized assistance. If you are not sure whether your assets are separate or marital property then you require legal assistance. Contact a professional today and allow us to assist you throughout your property division.

Lawyers Interpreting Community Property Laws In San Diego

As a board certified family law specialist, Thomas Huguenor has proven his extensive knowledge regarding complex property division issues. Our office has successfully helped numerous San Diego residents retain the property they possessed prior to marriage. We have also successfully classified property as belonging to the community when the opposing spouse wished to claim it as separate. Our experience and knowledge guarantees that your assets will be protected. If you need assistance with characterizing and dividing your property, please contact us today.

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