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Too often, parents struggling with a child support matter are told that California sets child support according to a specific formula, and there is nothing they can do about it - you get what you get or you pay the bill and live with it.

As a certified specialist in Family Law, San Diego Child Support Lawyer Thomas M. Huguenor has been helping families deal with child-support issues for over 35 years. Whether you are faced with paying support or are trying to get what you feel you deserve from an uncooperative spouse, we can help.

The Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor fights for the rights of clients in child support cases throughout San Diego County, including the Madge Bradley Courthouse and the 6th Avenue locations in San Diego; the North County Division on South Melrose in Vista; and the East County Division in El Cajon.

Fewer than 1 in 200 California attorneys have earned Thomas M. Huguenor's distinction as a board-certified Family Law specialist. Martindale-Hubbell has awarded him with its AV peer-rating, signifying the highest level of professional excellence as judged by his peers in the legal community.

It is true that child support is set by a state-mandated formula in California, except in cases where both parents agree to deviate from that schedule. When parents agree not to use the formula, a court will decide the amount of payments and other terms of child support.

But the real work is done in determining the income upon which the child support will be based. In cases where a family business is involved, what evidence will be used to determine the income? Is there income from investments and will it be counted? Does a spouse receive bonus pay or have alternative sources of income? And what are the marital assets?

In cases where a spouse feels a former partner's income does not properly reflect his or her ability to pay, it is all the more critical to seek the advice of an experienced Family Law attorney.

Obtaining adequate child support is critical. Conversely, for those who must pay support for years, having an affordable child support plan is critical. Failure to pay can result in serious consequences, including damage to your reputation, job loss, seizure of assets and even jail time. Few things will impact your life as much as being saddled with unaffordable child support payments for a decade or longer. Or not having the money necessary to properly support yourself and your children.

Like all Family Law matters in California, the time to seek advice from a qualified attorney is before an order is set by a judge. Seeking a modification is often an option but is not an alternative to winning justice from the beginning.

If you need to speak to a San Diego Family Law attorney regarding a child support matter, contact the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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