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Fathers filing for child custody in San Diego

Being the first to file for child custody may prevent a spouse from seeking to have you removed from the home, thereby establishing herself as the primary custodial parent during divorce and child custody proceedings.

For Mothers filing for child custody in San Diego

Mothers filing for child custody may seek some type of ex-parte order, which removes the father from the home. Such orders indirectly provide custodial custody during divorce proceedings and give the residential parent custodial status during child custody negotiations.

Few cases are as personal as child custody. The outcome will forever impact your life and your relationship with your children.

At the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor, we take child custody matters very seriously and vigorously fight for parental rights in each and every case we take the honor and responsibility of representing.

San Diego Child Custody Attorney Thomas M. Huguenor is a board-certified specialist in Family Law. It is a distinction earned by less than 1 in every 200 California lawyers and just one of the distinctions that set us apart. Attorney Huguenor has handled thousands of child custody matters since 1972 and has built a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of Family Law in courthouses throughout the San Diego area, including the Madge Bradley Courthouse and the 6th Avenue locations in San Diego; the North County Division on South Melrose in Vista; and the East County Division in El Cajon.

We believe there is no reason to wait and that there should be no barrier to accessing high-quality legal representation in a child custody case. The Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor offers a free and confidential consultation to anyone seeking quality legal advice.

Child Custody issues handled by the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor include:

  • Child Support
  • Shared Custody
  • Away Custody
  • Division of Marital Assets
  • Abuse Allegations
  • Abandonment Issues
  • Change in Custody
  • Modification of Court Orders
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Allegations involving a former partner or current spouse
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Joint Custody Matters
  • Non-Payment of Child Support
  • Termination of Child Support

Frequently, it is beneficial to be the first to file for child custody. And having as much time as possible to build your case can also be critical. The past decade has brought significant changes in the way in which child custody cases are decided. Both mother and father have substantial custody rights and child custody is awarded based on what is determined to be in the best interest of the child.

Determining what is in the best interest of a child is a wide-open process that requires a veteran attorney with the ability to fight for your rights, defend against possible complications, and ensure your future relationship with your children. Addiction issues, anger-management issues, lifestyle choices and a child's developmental needs are all open for debate.

The laws governing child custody are very general - success or failure in child custody cases often comes down to preparation, planning and your attorney or law firm's knowledge of the legal opinions and court decisions rendered in case law going back decades. As dedicated Family Law attorneys, we have the knowledge, experience and computer software, research abilities and other resources critical to a successful outcome in your child custody case.

At the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor, our staff is dedicated exclusively to the rights of our clients in family court. Our knowledge and experience in child custody matters results in a proven, proactive approach, built on planning, investigation and timing.

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