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California Spousal Support
  • Short-term Marriage: In short-term marriages lasting less than 10 years, spousal support payments generally last for half the length of the marriage.

  • Long-term Marriage: No termination date is set for spousal support in long-term marriages. Payments are open-ended and an application to the court to end support will be required.

San Diego County has no legal guidelines for awarding spousal support. The knowledge and ability of your attorney will be a critical factor in how much - or how little - support you are awarded.

The lawyers and professional staff at the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor focus exclusively on Family Law matters and have handled thousands of divorce, child support and spousal support cases in all Family Law courts throughout the San Diego area, including the Madge Bradley Courthouse and the 6th Avenue locations in San Diego; the North County Division on South Melrose in Vista; and the East County Division in El Cajon.

San Diego Divorce Attorney Thomas M. Huguenor has been a board-certified specialist in Family Law for 30 years, a distinction earned by less than 1 in 200 California attorneys at any stage of their career.

In deciding spousal support, a judge will listen to the arguments from both sides and rely on decades of case law in making a decision. Any lawyer can walk into a courtroom and make an argument. The argument that is more legally sound, and the case that has been more thoroughly documented and investigated, will likely prevail.

While the award is based in part on marital standard of living, successfully obtaining spousal support requires a comprehensive investigation of marital finances, income and assets. Additionally, seeking spousal support from self-employed spouses can be a particularly complex matter best handled by a veteran divorce attorney.

What is community property? Who earned what during the marriage? How is the date of separation or divorce being calculated? What are the marital assets and how are they being valued? How long will support payments last?

Conversely, having an aggressive and skilled attorney is necessary when a spouse is seeking support. Being saddled with outrageous spousal-support payments can have long-lasting consequences on your quality-of-life and your current and future financial well-being.

As with most Family Law matters, having an experienced and qualified divorce attorney is critical in getting a fair spousal support order from the outset. Getting a support order modified can be a long and difficult process.

The attorneys and professional staff at the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor focus exclusively on the practice of Family Law, including divorce, child custody and support issues. Attorney Huguenor has handled thousands of spousal support cases over four decades of fighting for clients in divorce proceedings throughout the San Diego area.

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