Characterization of Property

California Divorce Attorney/Characterization of Property

Property in California Divorce Cases
  • Marital or community property
  • Separate or personal property
  • Quasi-community property
  • Jointly owned property
  • Partial community/partial personal property

How property is characterized, identified and valued can have a dramatic impact on a California divorce case. Whether property is marital or personal (or a combination) can determine your rights under the law as well as the amount of your divorce settlement.

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California law requires that marital property be split equally during a divorce. An experienced attorney can fight for the inclusion or exclusion of assets as part of a marital property accounting and will work to ensure property is properly identified, classified and valued.

For instance, if you owned a home or business prior to a marriage, it may count as personal property or you may be required to count only a portion of the asset as marital property. Retirement and investment accounts are also frequently the subject of debate when it comes to identifying and classifying assets as personal or marital property.

A proper accounting of liabilities is also a critical factor in characterizing assets, as is determining liability in the event of a future default. For instance, if you relinquish the marital home in a divorce agreement, but your name is still on the loan, you can be held responsible for future default by a former spouse.

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