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When a custodial parent relocates, or moves away, the impact on a child and non-custodial parent can be dramatic. California Family Law permits a custodial parent to change the residence of a child, subject to the court's ability to restrain removal based on the welfare or rights of a child.

Several California Supreme Court rulings have been rendered regarding away custody since 1997. The San Diego child custody attorneys at the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor track all court decisions involving move away custody cases and have successfully argued for clients on both sides of these cases. A move away case involves a custodial spouse's decision to relocate to a different geographical area and can have a wide-ranging impact on a non-custodial parent's relationship with a child.

Whether you are seeking to relocate or are fighting a former spouse's decision to move away, securing the advice and representation of an experienced Family Law attorney is vital to protecting your custodial rights, your independence and your financial well-being.

In some instances, a parent has changed jobs and gone to great expense to relocate, only to have the move overturned by the court. In other cases, a non-custodial parent has hop-scotched across the country trying to keep up with his or her children, thereby spending thousands of dollars, changing jobs, accumulating debt and even falling behind in court-ordered child or spousal support.

Domestic violence, child kidnapping and stalking charges and complaints can further complicate these contentious cases.

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