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Six Signs of Divorce

Posted by Thomas Huguenor on January 9, 2020 in Divorce

No one hopes that a marriage will fail – but they do. You may be trying your best to keep your relationship together for the sake of your children, or because you once had a great marriage and you are hoping that with counseling or pure persistence, you can still make it work. In fact, some marriages are doomed for failure, and according to psychological experts, there are six signs that a divorce is on the horizon.

Backed Off on Resolving Conflicts

Communication is a problem in any relationship, whether personal or professional. It has come to light that although communication is a keynote of a successful marriage, effective conflict resolution is even more critical. When a marriage reaches the point where you feel there is no point in trying to resolve a conflict, whether due to apathy or fear of the other party, the marriage may be impossible to repair.

Little to No Emotional Connection

A successful relationship involves a strong, enduring emotional connection between partners. When this connection is lost, you have lost one of the most potent aspects of your marriage – the empathy, warmth, and emotional bonds you once shared.

A Lack of Affection

When one or both parties stop showing affection, it is a signal that the marriage is in deep trouble. Marriages can only flourish when affection is given and received between the two partners – daily. The lack of affection can reach a final stage in which the two partners no longer even like each other very much – and certainly no longer show affection.

No Sex Life

When intimacy between the two partners disappears, it is a bad sign. If you have not had sex with your husband or wife for a long time, it is a signal that the love and affection between you have reached a low point, which may be impossible to repair.

Outside Interests Taking Over

When a marriage has lost its spark, the two partners may focus their energies elsewhere, whether on the children, work, or hobbies. When the only satisfaction you have in your marriage is shared parenting (which is arguably, extremely important), and you find yourself seeking comfort elsewhere, it is a signal that your marriage is on the rocks and is likely heading for divorce.

Setting the Stage for a Single Life

If you find yourself looking for ways to become more attractive and considering entering the dating scene, your marriage may have gone past the point of no return. When one or both partners are busy developing friendships and activities outside the marriage and taking extra care with appearance, it is a strong signal that the marriage is coming to an end.

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