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Unpaid Child Support - What You Need to Know

California holds both parents equally responsible for the financial well-being of their children. Our state will impose tough punishments on parents who fail to make their child support payments. The system, however, puts procedures in place for parents attempting to collect unpaid child support as well as those disputing the amount of arrears. If you are attempting to collect back child support, or if you are behind on your child support payments, our San Diego attorneys can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Helping Custodial Parents Collect Late Child Support Payments in San Diego

Many parents with primary custody depend on their child support in raising their child or children. A parent who is owed money has several options if the noncustodial parent has fallen behind on child support payments. While the parent owed money can choose to go through the District Attorney's office, the fastest way to collect the amounts you are owed is to hire a family law attorney. An attorney can file a Motion to hold the other party in contempt. The non-paying parent may be facing wage garnishments and even jail time.

San Diego lawyer Thomas Huguenor will aggressively assist parents who are owed unpaid child support. Once we are retained, Tom will file documentation showing the amount of money you are owed and will request that the non-paying parent be held in contempt of Court. The Court takes child arrearages seriously and our office will work to ensure you receive the support you need to take care of your children. For a free consultation, please contact our attorneys online or by telephone at (858) 458-9500.

Help For San Diego Parents Who Are Behind On Their Child Support Payments

It is not uncommon for a noncustodial parent to fall behind on their child support payments. This can happen due to the loss of a job or changed circumstances. California, however, may add interest and penalties when child support becomes delinquent. This leaves the noncustodial parent feeling overwhelmed. Do not simply ignore the problem if you are behind in your child support payments. You may face being held in contempt of court, lose your driver's license, and may be facing jail time. A competent San Diego family law attorney may be able to assist you in managing your child support arrears.

Thomas Huguenor has assisted many California parents in settling their back child support payments. Our office will examine your case, listen to why you have fallen behind in your payments, and determine if you are eligible to have your child support payments modified downwards. In some circumstances, the state may allow you to enter into a payment plan in order to catch up your payments. If you have filed for bankruptcy, it may also be possible to have the interest on your payments waived. Tom has also successfully negotiated private settlements with the other parent. Whatever your circumstances are, your child support arrearages will not go away and must be dealt with. Our lawyers can help. Call (858) 458-9500 for a free consultation today.

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