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A divorce affects family members in many ways. During or after a divorce, complex legal issues could develop, especially involving children. Child support is one of those issues people fight over during a divorce. Child support refers to the payments one parent pays to the other after a divorce each month to help cover the costs of raising their children. Every divorce is unique, but it is typically the parent with custody of the children who receives child support payments.

The law assumes that the parent with child custody has more need and reason to spend money on the child, and therefore needs financial support. The parent without custody has less parenting time, but can help by providing financial support. It's in your best interest to negotiate a child support agreement with an experienced San Diego family law attorney on your side. Make sure that you are being fairly treated and that your rights are protected, contact Huguenor Mattis, A.P.C. at (858) 458-9500 to discuss your options.

When is Child Support Owed in San Diego?

It's crucial to understand that child support is not a permanent arrangement. Once the child turns 18, you no longer have to pay child support. However, support may continue until the child reaches the age of 19 if your child is still in high school and living with the custodial parent. Parents can even agree to keep the support going for even longer if the child still lives with the custodial parent and needs help or if the child is unable to support themselves because of a disability. Child support can be shorter if your child joins the military, gets married or becomes self-supporting.

How Child Support is Calculated in San Diego?

How much one parent will have to pay another every month depends upon California's child support guidelines. California has a mathematical formula in place that takes into consideration both parents' net income, which includes wages, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, spousal support, commissions and other income sources. Once you have calculated this amount, you can deduct income tax, dues, health insurance premiums and other expenses. If you have questions about unpaid child support, please contact our office.

Additional information that will affect the amount of child support paid each month includes:

  • The number of children who will need support.
  • The custody agreement that determines how much time the children will spend with each parent.
  • Whether one of the parents supports children from another relationship.
  • The amount of health insurance expenses for the children.
  • The parents' tax liabilities.
  • Day care costs, travel costs and other relative expenses.

Protecting Your Best Interests

The court will typically prefer to keep the original child support agreement in stone. If, however, your financial situation has changed, you can request a child support modification. If you have a new baby or have lost your job, you may no longer be able to afford the payment. You must act quickly to request an adjustment or modification because you will still owe any payments that you miss.

Legal matters relating to children can have long-term and far-reaching consequences. At Huguenor Mattis, A.P.C., we do our best to bring about a positive end to your child support case while minimizing the stress on you and your family members. If you are involved in a child support dispute, please contact us at (858) 458-9500 for a free and comprehensive consultation.

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