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What You Need to Know About Parental Child Abduction

It is expected that a parent will return a child at the required times once a visitation plan has been established between two parents. Unfortunately this does not always happen. Parental kidnappings occur when one parent chooses to ignore the Court's Orders and has no intention of returning the child. This is a serious, and illegal, offense. California will take criminal action against a parent who kidnaps their child. Thomas Huguenor is a San Diego attorney who has dealt with many cases involving child abduction in his 30 plus years of experience. If your child has been abducted by a biological parent then you have options which can force his or her immediate return. Contact our office today.

Gaining The Return Of Abducted Children On Behalf Of Concerned Parents

Parental kidnapping occurs when a parent is refusing to return the child in violation of a child custody order. If this is occurring then the Court can be asked to grant an immediate Order commanding that the child be returned. These Orders can typically be granted within hours or a day. The parent receiving the Order can then enlist law enforcement in retrieving the child, and the child's belongings, from the offending parent. If the circumstances are egregious enough then the other parent's behavior may be enough to reduce child visitation or change custody. Having one's child kidnapped is truly horrifying. If you are in this situation then you need to contact an attorney immediately.

Our San Diego family law lawyers will take immediate action if your child has been abducted. We will immediately file your request to have the child returned and will do everything possible to have the Judge sign the "Order for Return" as soon as possible. We will also work with you to explore all possible remedies. This may include holding the other parent in contempt of court, modifying your child custody order, or in extreme cases even suspending the other parent's visitation completely. If your child has been abducted then his or her safety may be at issue. Contact us today to schedule an immediate consultation.

Assisting San Diego Parents Who Have Been The Victim Of Parental Kidnapping

If you are scared for the well-being of your child then you need a lawyer who understands the process. Our San Diego family law lawyer, Thomas M. Huguenor, has been certified as a specialist by the California State Bar. Tom has handled numerous parental kidnapping/child abduction cases and understands how the Court will approach such matters. Gaining this level of experience means that you will have an attorney who understands the process. Your child's safety is the first concern in situations such as this. Call (858) 458-9500 today or contact us online to schedule your initial consultation.

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