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Division of Marital Property in southern California

The top two points of contention in a divorce are child custody and marital property. Emotions run high as couples are forced to divide the money, property, and belongings that were acquired during a marriage.

As San Diego marital property attorneys, we understand the anger and frustration you feel while dividing your assets into portions. Our team helps Southern California residents prioritize what matters most and fights to retain the items that are most important. Call our office at (858) 458-9500 and schedule a free consultation with a divorce lawyer in San Diego.

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We Effectively Handle Property Division Issues in San Diego Divorces

While dividing property is an overwhelming part of a California contested divorce, the process can be broken down into three steps. First, either an individual party or the couple must identify all of their assets and debts. It must then be determined whether those assets or debts are "community," meaning they belong to both of the parties, or "separate." Asset division will be relatively simple if all property and debt belongs to the community. If there is a disagreement over whether a piece of property or a debt should be considered separate, then a deeper analysis of the couple's financials will be required. If one party owns a business, or owned a business prior to the beginning of the marriage, then property and asset division becomes even more complex. To further complicate matters, home prices change over time, and these changes can impact your case's property distribution. An accurate measure of all your assets and debts is required in order to ensure a fair property distribution in your case.

Our San Diego divorce lawyers are experienced in dealing with complex financial and property division issues. We have long-standing professional relationships with accountants and property appraisers, who will provide an independent analysis of your property and assets. During the discovery process, we will investigate the other party's financial disclosures, and uncover any irregularities or hidden assets that your ex may attempt to hide. If necessary, we will file an injunction with the court to prevent your ex from selling or otherwise wasting marital assets. Our family law attorneys will determine which property you wish to retain and will aggressively work to help you reach those goals. Huguenor Mattis, A.P.C., is often able to reach an acceptable agreement with the other side's attorney. We also have a proven track record of taking property issues to trial when necessary.

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Protect Your Marital Property Rights

Our experience allows us to employ multiple strategies to ensure that your California marital property rights are protected. Our knowledge in the area of family law is unmatched by other attorneys in the San Diego area. Our track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for clients speaks for itself, as shown in the testimonials about our services. We offer free and confidential consultations to anyone facing divorce in San Diego. Please contact us today online or by telephone at (858) 458-9500.

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