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Special Issues in Lengthy Marriages

When a couple has been married or together for a long time, with every passing year their belongings, finances and home become more and more intertwined. The end of a long-term marriage comes with a number of unique issues. After decades together, it can be quite a challenge to separate and differentiate between who owns what. There is emotional and actual value invested into your home and belongings that can't be easily divided.

The experienced San Diego family law attorneys at Huguenor Mattis, A.P.C. have a successful track record of handling divorce cases involving long-term marriages. We understand the complexity surrounding these cases and will work diligently to protect your rights under all circumstances. Call our lawyers at (858) 458-9500 to discuss your case.

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Complex Challenges and Long-Term Marriage

One of the issues that arise after a long-term marriage is the division of retirement benefits. If both spouses worked equally during the marriage, you can divide the retirement benefits right down the middle. However, many long-term marriages involve one spouse working or at least earning considerably more than the other. First, it will become necessary to review the future retirement benefit earning potential of each spouse. If the spouses are already near retirement age and the spouse without benefits will not reasonably have time to earn benefits, it could lead to complications.

Spousal maintenance is another important factor to consider in a long-term marriage. In general, longer marriages tend to result in longer terms for spousal support. Marriages that have lasted for decades have a tendency to result in permanent spousal maintenance. This is common in cases in which one of the spouses did not have a career because he or she raised the children.

Long-term marriages often involve more property to divide compared to shorter marriages. After years of acquiring belongings and properties, it can prove difficult to divide up real estate, vehicles, antiques and other valuables. Both parties will have to invoice their belongings and prioritize which assets are the most important to them. It is unlikely that each spouse will get everything they want in the divorce proceedings.

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Contacting an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in San Diego

It's important to remember that even the most amicable of divorces can become stressful. It is a mistake to assume that your best interests will be protected throughout the divorce or that you do not need a family law lawyer by your side. While it is true that you may be able to peacefully negotiate the terms of your divorce with limited legal interference, it's still advisable to research all of your options before coming to an agreement.

The stakes are high in divorces, especially after a long-term marriage. Your assets, belongings and emotions are shared. Dividing everything in a fair and equitable manner will take guidance from a skilled divorce lawyer in San Diego. For more information and to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, contact our law offices at (858) 458-9500.

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