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Divorce in the Military

The challenges of active military duty can be difficult on a couple. The physical separation that deployment causes may lay the ground for divorce. Many military families worry about issues such as being out of the country when divorce is filed, child custody, and property division. Our divorce attorneys have more than 35 years of experience helping military families navigate the divorce process. Call today to schedule a consultation, with one of our San Diego military family law lawyers, at (858) 458-9500.

Experienced In Handling Military Divorce Issues

Obtaining a military divorce is similar to obtaining a civilian divorce. While the individual set of circumstances may seem complex, the basic rules still apply. California is a no-fault state, so either spouse may file for divorce without proving cause. There are instances, however, which tend to be unique to military families. Certain aspects of your case, especially those involving child custody, are stayed if one is deployed.

Also, disputes often arise as to how an armed services member's housing allowances should be calculated for purposes of spousal support. Military members are also concerned as to how their pensions will be divided under California community property laws. If you are facing divorce and military issues are involved then contact an attorney immediately.

Our San Diego divorce lawyers have extensive experience in assisting military families through the process. This is true whether you are filing for a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. Having an attorney who understands how California divorce laws apply to military pensions, housing allowances, and deployment issues can make the difference between your divorce being handled correctly or incorrectly. Contact our San Diego military divorce attorneys today to gain immediate assistance with your divorce matter.

Certified Family Law Specialist Applying His Expertise To San Diego Military Divorces

Thomas Huguenor is one of the few attorneys in San Diego who has been recognized as a family law specialist by the California State Bar. Tom's recognized expertise will allow him to approach your military divorce case with an understanding of issues which many attorneys will lack. Making sure all matters are properly understood is key to your case; your divorce can have lasting repercussions on your military career and the rest of your life. Do not risk your future to a lesser experienced attorney. San Diego divorce lawyer Tom Huguenor focuses on family so you can focus on the future. Contact us at (858) 458-9500 today.

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